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“We offer the largest variety of tea, giving you that feeling of home. Come for the extensive tea blends & stay for a variety of hot food & dessert choices”.


The Tea Junction Café, as the name suggests,

is rightly located at a T-Junction, adding character

to the cafe. The passion for tea resulted in a

spectacular structure, the exterior which depicts a

Tea-pot when viewed from any angle. A close

encounter and an eye for detail, will unleash you to

yet another well thought-of and colorfully adorned

glass frames that showcase a huge alphabet “T”. Go

on… take a look around you!

With just over a few years of its existence, the Tea

Junction Café has served more memories than tea

itself. A hush ambiance, cozy sofas, free Wi-Fi

connection and good music, makes for everything

from a sweet valentine date, to a loud high school

reunion, to a business meeting, to an awareness

campaign and anything and everything that can be

accommodated to help our customers unwind and

have fun.

Open all day, the Tea Junction Café is indeed a

favorite haunt, which boasts of a homely vibe and

attracts many with its romantic and communal

feeling. An ideal place for the light hearted, you can

immediately associate a gathering with some

harmless gossip. Gossip, eventually leads to

secrets and secrets bring out the skeletons from

the closet, making our café echo with chitterchatter.

The café has witnessed and continues to

be abuzz with the young and the old, who come to

relax and spend long hours unwinding with their

favorite cuppa.

So be a part of the Tea Junction family and join us in

our endeavor to make this café a place away from



Everyday – 8am till 2am


How it all began…

Tea Junction Cafe actually exists today because of… FRIENDS!!!

The drinking of Tea was almost a mere pretext. We were tired of meeting in the house, club or office until we felt the need to create a meeting place… a home away from home where we can sit, relax and reminisce our fond memories.

In fact sipping a cuppa was not the only thing… we wanted to exchange gossip, conduct our meetings and much more.

After a rigorous search for venues, we pounced upon a place which looked like a tea-kettle from outside. When we walked in, we never thought we could transform this place into a tea-house.

Each glass wall had a T shape on it and what more… it was ideally located at a T junction!!