Welcome to Tea Junction Cafe!


Our Cozy Interiors

With a hush ambiance, cozy sofas, broad-windowed view, free wifi connection and good music…this is a one-stop destination for your tea needs!


Fruit Tea

Sun dried mixed fruits with premium green tea....a soothing taste for all fruit lovers.


Wild Arabian Tea

Black Tea with fresh mint, orange juice, lemon juice and honey. A perfect way of enjoying the taste of Arabia.


From our Chai Blends

Enjoy a variety of Desi Chais from the North to the South of India.


The famous Cutting Chai

A specialty tea with a tinge of dry ginger...all the way from the road vendors of Mumbai.


Oksoosoo Chai

An age old Korean Corn Tea, hand toasted Corn, boiled with water.


Jasmine Bud Tea

It originates from the time of Song Dynasty (920-1279), flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet.


For all the Coffee lovers...

We've got something for you too!


Hot Chocolate

For all those who crave for chocolates... try our Hot Chocolate made with shaved chocolate bits.


Enjoy a wide array of board games!


Warm Drinks Guaranteed to Keep You Fired Up

When the temperature gets cool, there is absolutely nothing even more comforting than curling up under a blanket with a comfortable beverage. Does not the notion of that sounds really insanely good? Before you dart off to complete only that, check out these 14 warm drinks which are certain to keep you chill-free. You can easily bet that these gratifying recipes will be on heavy rotation from today and through the New Year right here at Brit Co. Now that is one thing to cheers to!

Melted Ice Cream Cocoa

This’s the single when melted ice cream is definitely the complete opposite of a bummer. Softened vanilla cake is whisked straight into a butter as well as brown sugar mix with a suggestion of almond to make this creamy and sweet sipper. (via Babble)

Homemade Chai Latte

There may not be something more enjoyable than having best glass of chai tea, apart from making your own, of course! Bulk up on the spices of yours for this DIY chai healthy recipe which has ten aromatic ingredients. (via A Splash of Vanilla)

 Another Worm Drinks Triple-Spiked Apple Cider

It is not difficult to amp up store bought cider with seasonal spices as allspice, ground ginger, and cinnamon sticks, though we are almost all for taking it up an additional notch by adding 3 kinds of liquor. That is right – this particular blogger invited ginger liqueur, bourbon, and rum to the gathering, and that is intending getting very fun!;) (via Seek) and Hand

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Chile along with chocolate has rapidly turned into a relatively popular foodie combination all because of the beverage which began the craze: the Mexican Hot Chocolate. Make this rich beverage in only 5 minutes. (via Girl Gone Country)

Spiked Chocolate Espresso

Here is a method to include decadence (and booze) in your saturday morning pick-me-up. Instant chocolate and coffee vodka are best associates in deep crime. (via Brit Co.)

Hot Vanilla Milk

This no frills winter warmer not just hits the area, but is unbelievably simple to make. Doll up this standard formula by steeping a packet of Earl Grey tea or maybe perhaps green tea extract (trust us with this one) inside milk. (via Butter having a Side of Bread)

Winter season Lemonade

Not merely are we smitten by the whimsical name on this winter warmer, though we like that this herbal tea is pronounced with just about all fresh ingredients. Pierce the middle of several orange slices having a cinnamon stick for a great pro presentation. (via Season with Spice)

Light Nutella Eggnog

Eggnog and Nutella: together in one scrumptious warm drink? Just how did we not consider this? Additionally, this particular Nutella Eggnog is spiked! This particular recipe was severely produced specifically for us! (via The Realistic Nutritionist)

Lavender Hot Chocolate

This’s the supreme method to create upscale hot chocolate, and also it could not become more easy. Just infuse a mix of dried lavender into the milk of yours and add chocolate that is melted after it is strained. (via ala Mode)

Mellow Mulled Wine

In case you have not produced yourself a batch of mulled white wine throughout the holiday season, this’s the season for getting well acquainted. This earthy, mellow variant is a great body for newbies: the wine is gently spiced as well as well balanced with a dash of apple cider, brandy, as well as cut citrus. (via Flourishing Foodie)