IKEA are looking for 100 Aussie homes to tidy up

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IKEA are looking for 100 Aussie homes to tidy up

IKEA are looking for 100 Aussie homes to tidy up

IKEA are recognized for their very affordable flat pack home furniture and meatballs, though the brand new quest of theirs is improving quality of the air in homes.

The Swedish giant recently announced that air filtering window treatments will quickly hit retailers as part of the scope of theirs.

“For me, it is essential to focus on items which are applicable to individuals, and items which are really solving an issue. I feel that everybody should get to breathe really clean air,” explained product developer Mauricio Affonso.

IKEA launching air filtering curtains IKEA’s GUNRID air purifying curtains feature special, innovative technology. (Supplied)
Based on the World Health Organisation (WHO), smog will be the single biggest environmental health risk, believed to eliminate one in 8 individuals globally. Indoor pollution will cause an additional 4.3 million deaths and in several places of the planet contamination is 5 times more inside than outside.

But from April one IKEA is stocking GUNRID curtains which break down typical indoor air pollutants as formaldehyde and odours.

The science behind GUNRID is comprised of a mineral based, photo catalyst coating over the cloth, that when triggered by light, breaks down typical air pollutants.

“Photo catalysts are usually just triggered by the sun, although covering we’ve created along with the partners of ours usually responds to interior light,” stated Mauricio.

IKEA launching air filtering curtains The curtains are going to be offered to buy on April 1. (Supplied)
The distinctive engineering was created by colleges in Asia and Europe, together with IKEA suppliers as well as innovators, to be only one of the very first items to handle pollution.

“We desired to make an easy, affordable and convenient method to really clean fresh air which would not occupy room that is much in individuals houses. We were also wondering about producing a solution that’s multifunctional and which would help decompose air pollution that lots of air purifiers leave behind,” said Mauricio.

The brand new innovation in the GUNRID curtains was initially announced by  ikea

over 12 months ago.

It is absolutely a fascinating brand new merchandise through the flat pack giants but one which will undoubtedly be snapped up by shoppers the minute they hit shelves.

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