How you can Easily Make a good Cup of Tea

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How you can Easily Make a good Cup of Tea

How you can Easily Make a good Cup of Tea

 How you can Easily Make a good Cup of Tea


Making a great pot of tea is actually in the details. Find out the right method to make tea with the step-by-step instructions of mine.


A good Cup of Tea As an authorized Tea Sommelier, I have found that with regards to making a good cup of tea, it is everything in the details.


Needless to say you are able to simply boil a little water as well as grab a tea container but in case you wish to elevate the knowledge, there are a few additional steps you are able to take.


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5 Tips to Making a good Cup

TIP #1: Use Filtered h2o.

Make use of clean, purified water which will not include other flavor to the tea of yours. I continually make the tea of mine with filtered water since much better the water, the happier the tea will taste.


TIP #2: Set the appropriate water temperature.

Water temperature is a bit of challenging. Some tea require just boiled water while various other teas are a bit more vulnerable to water that is hot (especially eco friendly tea) so you will have to ensure that the water temperature is right.


I use my electricity kettle with heat setting (this is a MUST for really serious tea drinkers) and also set the heat for every tea type I drink.


My Electric Kettle Pick:

Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

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Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle

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This electric kettle is definitely the very best and my favorite because of its quality and price. It is the one I have and use practically on a regular basis.



Brew tea

TIP #3: Steep for that correct level of time.

Oversteeping tea leads to a sour glass. This’s the time frame to try the timer on the smartphone of yours.


Follow the steep time recommendations on the tea package, but roughly it is: black tea for 4-5 minutes, green and oolong for 3 minutes, and white tea for 4 minutes.


After the moment is set up, your tea is prepared to drink. Do not leave the tea actually leaves sitting in h20 since that simply would make the tea way too strong and sour.


When you are making a huge pot of tea, utilize a teapot with an infuser to remove the foliage after the high time. You are able to add the infuser returned in the teapot in case you want to steep the tea once again in water that is hot.


TIP #4: Use unfastened tea.


I seldom use tea bags because the tea is generally not as effective as full loose tea.


Tea in tea bags are the remaining broken bits, or maybe “tea dust,” gathered up after tea has been prepared. That does not sound very appealing does it?


Good quality tea is a rolled entire tea leaf. As the tea steeps, it is going to unfurl in the warm water and you also must be ready to find out the whole leaf. Loose tea will be the optimum tea to steep.


TIP #5: Warm the teapot.

Warming the teapot helps you to brew the tea correctly, always keeping the water heat hot.


Put some warm water into a teapot as well as swirl it around a little, warming it up through the hot water. Toss out the water.


Now your teapot is warm and nice, prepared to brew tea.


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How you can make tea

What You will Need

Unfastened tea

Filtered water

Teapot with infuser User-friendly and clean.

Electric kettle with climate setting

High tea

The best way to Make Tea Properly

Phase one: Boil water.


Various tea types require different h2o temperature to brew. Look at the tea packaging to find out the suggested water temperature.


Black tea is steeped in boiling scorching h2o. Rather than water that is boiling on a stovetop, I start using my trusty electrical kettle with temperature setting and configure it to 208°F.


Make sure you make use of the greatest quality water for the tea of yours. I continually use filtered water.


Brew tea

STEP two: Warm upwards teapot.


This level is a detail which takes the tea of yours on the next level and nearly nobody does it. But they need to.


Fill fifty percent the teapot with water that is hot and give it a couple of swirls.


We are warming the teapot therefore once the warm water for tea goes in, the water heat will not fall a lot.


After the teapot has warmed after a couple of seconds, toss the water.


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Brewing tea

Phase three: Put tea into teapot as well as include water that is hot.


Find out just how much water your teapot can hold and include the correct amount of tea.


For each cup, bring 1.5 teaspoons of tea.


You are able to work with this particular Perfect Tea Measuring Spoon which will gauge out 1.5 teaspoons a scoop.


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How you can brew tea

STEP four: Steep tea and cover teapot.


Set the timer against your telephone to steep it to the right level of time.


The steep time differs for each tea type so check the tea system to determine what’s suggested.


Typically it is no more than five minutes.


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Brew tea

STEP five: Strain tea solids and also pour tea that is hot into tea cups.


PRO TIP: Hold upon the teapot lid having a finger to ensure it does not fall off as you are pouring.


Add sugar or milk in case black tea or drinking oolong. Do not include sugar or milk in case you are having white or green tea. (Please, no.)


I am making use of a tea strainer therefore I am able to remove the tea leaves but in case your teapot comes with an infuser, there is no demand for one.


I really do not love tea leaves seated in h20 after the high time since it can make the tea really bitter.


To stay away from this, use a tea infuser within a teapot therefore the tea foliage are divided from bath after the very first pour or even make only enough tea and put out every ultimate drop so there is not a water sitting in the teapot.


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How you can brew tea correctly In case you wish to have one more cup, pour much more warm water into the teapot and also fixed the timer again. For the next steep, add 1 2 more minutes.


With these actions, you will enjoy a great cup of tea every single time.

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