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Hot and healthy Drinks In order to Keep You Warm This Winter The cold months of winter have been made for mugs filled with hot chocolate and eggnog, but those drinks are not usually the very best for the health of yours. You are able to just drink a lot of cocoa, particularly in case you are not Santa, you know?

When you are searching for a great option to your favorite hot drinks, there are lots of choices which will keep you toasty this winter without also packing on the calories, all while helping to ward off flus and colds.

Try out any of these ten recipes for a much healthier version of your wintertime favorites.

1. Almond & Maple Hot Chocolate
Made with almond milk and maple syrup, this’s certain to be a treat that is as cute as the genuine article, but it goes on a bit of healthier. Get the recipe.

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Feel Great In eight two. Warm Spiced Coconut Almond Milk
Ginger, almond milk and coconut oil combine for a drink that is as comforting as it’s cozy. Fight off the cold with this warm drink. Get the recipe.

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3. Hot Lemon Water
Hot lemon water has flavor that is subtle but is wonderful for the body. Water that is hot and orange are said to remove the liver and kidneys of toxins. Sure seems like a good way to stay healthy and hot to me. Get the recipe.

4. Ginger Tea
Ginger has lots of healing properties, so starting your day off with a warm glass of ginger tea looks like a good idea, particularly during the peak of cool season. Get the recipe.


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5. London Fog
Earl Grey tea is a main component in this recipe. It’s healing properties and a boost of caffeine, which means you might want to try this in place of the cup of yours of joe in the mornings. Get the recipe.

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6. Apple Cider With Cinnamon
You realize what they say, “an apple one day will keep the doctor away.” So, why not put that to the test by having a warm glass of apple cider on days that are cold? Do not mind if I do. Get the recipe.

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7. Russian Tea
Cloves, cinnamon, tea and juices combine for a very flavorful warm beverage. But there are powdered recipes for this drink, but making it with natural juices is much better for the overall health of yours. Thus, make this version of Russian tea a try for a great option. Get the recipe.

DIY Natural
8. Hot Vanilla Chai Tea
The spices in chai tea have lots of health benefits, and it’s much less caffeine than coffee. When you are seeking to cut back on calories and/or caffeine, a chai tea will be the best option. Hot, delicious and healthy coming right up! Get the recipe.

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9. Sage Tea
Not merely is sage is believed to be very good for brain function, but this recipe for sage and thyme tea also sounds incredibly delicious. Thus, that is a win in the book of mine. Get the recipe.

10. Dandelion Latte
Herbal dandelion root tea is coupled with a dash and almond milk of cinnamon for a flavorful, healthful drink. Get the recipe.

carlijeanmiller/Unsplash Stay warm and healthy this winter season with these drink recipes because cold season does not need to find the very best of you!