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Our Cozy Interiors

With a hush ambiance, cozy sofas, broad-windowed view, free wifi connection and good music…this is a one-stop destination for your tea needs!


Fruit Tea

Sun dried mixed fruits with premium green tea....a soothing taste for all fruit lovers.


Wild Arabian Tea

Black Tea with fresh mint, orange juice, lemon juice and honey. A perfect way of enjoying the taste of Arabia.


From our Chai Blends

Enjoy a variety of Desi Chais from the North to the South of India.


The famous Cutting Chai

A specialty tea with a tinge of dry ginger...all the way from the road vendors of Mumbai.


Oksoosoo Chai

An age old Korean Corn Tea, hand toasted Corn, boiled with water.


Jasmine Bud Tea

It originates from the time of Song Dynasty (920-1279), flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet.


For all the Coffee lovers...

We've got something for you too!


Hot Chocolate

For all those who crave for chocolates... try our Hot Chocolate made with shaved chocolate bits.


Enjoy a wide array of board games!


Homemade Hot Cocoa With Marshmallows

There is practically nothing quite love arriving through the cool climate outside to a steaming popular mug of warm cocoa topped with marshmallows.

The conditions “hot cocoa” or “hot chocolate” are usually used interchangeably, but you will find technical differences. Hot chocolate, on another hand, is created with melted chocolate, and also since it’s usually produced with dark chocolate or sweetened milk, sugar isn’t normally included. In case you want cocoa with much more extreme chocolate taste, whisk some melted bittersweet milk chocolate within the scorching cocoa or even include an additional tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powdered to the high sugar mixture.

Three tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 glass sugar
Four cups whole milk

Measures making It
Take the ingredients.

Take the materials for hot cocoa.

In a moderate saucepan, high heat milk to scalding.

Whole milk in a saucepan

Combine the high sugar and cocoa powder inside a bowl.

Combine the milk & cocoa mixture.

In order to reduce the calorie and grams of extra fat in the formula, use reduced fat or even skim milk rather than whole milk.
For any richer hot chocolate, change the cocoa powder with two ounces of grated as well as melted bittersweet chocolate. In case you utilize milk chocolate with a greater high sugar content, for example milk chocolate, reduce the quantity of sugars in the formula.

Do not allow the milk boil.
In case there is leftover great milk chocolate, cool it to space temperature and stow it in the fridge for as much as 3 days.  washing machine repair Dubai  It may be reheated by warming it up inside a saucepan on the stove.
Formula Variations

Mexican know that hot cocoa: Add one teaspoon vanilla extract, one teaspoon soil cinnamon, as well as one heaping tablespoon instant coffee or espresso, and also a pinch of salt, towards the saucepan when heating the dairy. Dust the upper part of the hot milk chocolate with chili powder.
Minty know that hot cocoa: Add 1/4 glass creme de menthe (or maybe in order to taste) or 2 tbsps peppermint extract on the milk mixture.
Cinnamon whitened great chocolate: Replace the cocoa powdered with 2 ounces of chopped as well as melted white chocolate.
Chai know that hot chocolate: In an espresso grinder, put together one teaspoon cardamom seeds, one teaspoon cinnamon, 8 whole cloves, 6 peppercorns, 1/2 teaspoon grated nutmeg, ten fennel seeds, and one tablespoon ground ginger.

Indeed, they really do! Today, with regards to the dimensions of the marshmallows of yours, they could take less or lengthier time and energy to melt. They sandals I applied where really small, therefore they melted fairly quickly, making the hot chocolate very sweet, hence the reason why there’s absolutely no reason behind large amount of additional refined sugar.

As with every thing else, in case you’ve it very morning, it gets boring. Even in case you’ve it in your home or even in a cafe. I understand you’re meant to possess a sip while chatting, though I often finish the drink of mine in like five minutes, I cannot actually get it before me for way too long. Mainly I love the warm beverages being quite sexy.

Today, absolutely nothing bad it getting hot chocolate with no cream and marshmallows. It nonetheless tastes great plus it’s nonetheless indulgent. Less naughty perhaps, that cannot be awful. When you like, you are able to include additional flavor with cinnamon as well as all spice, for an gingerbread like flavour. The gingerbread hot chocolate of mine is out-of-this-world delicious!