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Our Cozy Interiors

With a hush ambiance, cozy sofas, broad-windowed view, free wifi connection and good music…this is a one-stop destination for your tea needs!


Fruit Tea

Sun dried mixed fruits with premium green tea....a soothing taste for all fruit lovers.


Wild Arabian Tea

Black Tea with fresh mint, orange juice, lemon juice and honey. A perfect way of enjoying the taste of Arabia.


From our Chai Blends

Enjoy a variety of Desi Chais from the North to the South of India.


The famous Cutting Chai

A specialty tea with a tinge of dry ginger...all the way from the road vendors of Mumbai.


Oksoosoo Chai

An age old Korean Corn Tea, hand toasted Corn, boiled with water.


Jasmine Bud Tea

It originates from the time of Song Dynasty (920-1279), flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet.


For all the Coffee lovers...

We've got something for you too!


Hot Chocolate

For all those who crave for chocolates... try our Hot Chocolate made with shaved chocolate bits.


Enjoy a wide array of board games!


Healthy Drinks You’re Not Drinking

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Of course, water may be the best Drink available, but in case you are craving something even more, these ten healthy drinks will provide you an increase of nutrition.With a lot of drinks full of empty calories on grocery store shelves, it is usually difficult to find choices which also feature minerals and vitamin. But worry not, you will find loads of healthy ways to quench the thirst of yours in case you are in the mood for anything apart from basic or infused water.

Eco-friendly Tea
Green tea was hailed for the health benefits of its in Asian places for centuries; just recently did Americans get the memo. Green tea has a lot of polyphenols which are thought to stop certain cancer types as breast cancer as well as prostate cancer. Research suggest it is able to in addition help lower sharp increases in blood sugar levels after a meal, that is usually particularly good for individuals with type two diabetes. Give this warm and soothing orange thyme green tea extract a go.
Pomegranate Juice
Natural and organic pomegranate juice is among the most healthy beverages on grocery store shelves. This lively fruit juice is loaded with antioxidants that protect cells from harm and also reduce inflammation, which might help alleviate some kinds of arthritis. It is also full of immune boosting vitamin C to help protect against colds.

Beet Juice
Beets are a strong supply of folic acid, nitrates and magnesium. Our bodies transform nitrates in to nitric oxide, that helps lower blood pressure and boost blood flow. Some studies suggest it is able to also help boost stamina during physical exercise.
Orange Juice
Thought lemons were only a garnish? Think again. Orange juice is a surprisingly effective immune booster. Just 2 tablespoons stirred straight into a glass of moisture provides 14mg vitamin C. Another extra? You will most likely drink more orange water than plain water since it tastes better one more way to help you stay hydrated. Find out in case starting the day of yours with orange water lives as much as the hype.

This elixir is definitely the hottest drink in each and every wellness junkie’s fridge. Fermented and fizzy, kombucha is packed with probiotics, like various other healthy fermented foods, that promote healthy germs within the gut. These bacteria help help in digestion, and assistance in the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

Coconut Water
The taste of this exotic water is a tad debatable. Many people love it, and many hate it. But there is no debating the point that drinking it is able to hydrate the body and also provide an unexpected amount of potassium. Potassium plays a crucial part in keeping a proper heartbeat and regulating blood pressure levels.

Hot Chocolate
Who knew dessert are healthy? We have all been aware of the health advantages of cocoa, however the antioxidant rich drink is much considerably beneficial when blended with milk, that is significant in calcium and in most cases fortified with vitamin D. Find a new favorite warm chocolate recipe!

cranberry drink with mint and ice
Cranberry Juice
This tangy juice is loaded with antioxidants which can help prevent some types and cardiovascular disease of cancer, and promotes a nutritious urinary tract. Cranberry juice is tart on its own, therefore it is put together with sugar or perhaps other, sweeter fresh fruit juices. Search for varieties that are hundred % juice.

Wine Pour

Red-colored Wine
Thought wine that is red was only good for kicking again and calming? Think again. Research suggest that moderate quantities of any alcohol is able to help boost HDL (good cholesterol) preventing artery damage. Resveratrol is an antioxidant particularly found in white wine which may have a lot health benefits like helping reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) preventing blood clots. Consider using a glass one day or even switch foods in place with a warming glass of mulled white wine.

Orange juice on table close upOrange Juice Possibly the most ubiquitous liquid on the sector, orange juice is nutrition packed. Everyone knows it is a fantastic supply of vitamin C, though the majority of folks do not realize it is in addition a great supply of thiamin and potassium along with calcium and vitamin D in case it is fortified. If you find fizz refreshing, check it out in a yellow juice spritzer.