Flavor of the Tea

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Flavor of the Tea

Tea may be the second most consumed beverage in the world, just following water. It’s been cultivated, harvested, and used for a huge number of years with many an areas of the world creating their own unique tea and varieties culture. You will find more than 3 1000 blends available with increased flavors being created each day. With so many to pick out from, it can sound frustrating to simply select one. And so let us help!

Selecting a tea to beverage is the same as selecting an entree off the selection! Just consider elements or flavors which you love then get the teas that correspond. For instance, in case you love the flavor of fresh fruits, then you definitely must use our Pineapple Herbal Tea. It is simply that simple!

Right here we have mentioned out several of our suggestions depending on the tea type you may possibly would like.

Caffeinated Teas

Black colored Tea
Black tea will be the tea that the Country is very acquainted with. It’s probably the most caffeinated tea and it is noted for its strong, full bodied taste. It’s approximately fifty percent the caffeine of any cup of espresso, making it an excellent morning drink or maybe a fantastic pick-me-up after all those long work days. All those that appreciate nutty or coffee-like flavors wants Almond Scottish or the Chocolate Cappuccino; both taste scrumptious with a bit of sugar and milk added! Fruit lovers really should try preferred Peach or Cranberry-Pomegranate Apricot. For an extreme spicy taste, try out the Organic

Eco-friendly Tea
It’s noted for its earthy and rich taste along with its rejuvenating clean finish. Green tea has many health benefits and it is abundant in antioxidants. It’s approximately one fourth the quantity of caffeinated drinks as coffee. Avid green tea enthusiasts like the Organic Sencha orDragonwell.

White-colored Tea
The generation is indigenous to a tiny area of North Fujian, China. All those that take pleasure in the flavor of Jasmine blossoms but wish much less caffeine would appreciate our Jasmine Silver Needle. Our famous Organic Peach White infuses the flavor of white colored tea with the slight tastes of peach.

Oolong Tea
Oolong Tea is recognized for its levels of rich, aromas and full-bodied flavors. The flavor is sophisticated however the surface is soft, rendering it perfect for brand new tea drinkers who might not be applied to the solid flavor of many other teas. Earl Grey lovers are going to love the Earl of Oolong, that has the usual taste profile of bergamot yet extremely little astringency.

Puerh Tea
Puerh is definitely treasured as an indispensable component of daily health. Recognized as a “diet” tea, Puerh could dispel toxins and grease and it is generally drank after a particularly heavy meal. The flavors are woodsy and earthy having a sleek surface. Another well-known puerh is Vanilla Mint Puerh. Sugar and milk could in addition be added for an creamy, chocolate like taste.

It’s believed to alleviate headaches, disturbed rest patterns, light depression and hypertension.


Lastly there’s Mate, an Herbal tea which obviously contains caffeine. Mate is very well known in Latin America because of its invigorating energy and antioxidant content,, mineral and robust vitamin. The flavor electrical companies in dubai is quite distinct and can certainly be referred to as earthy in taste.

Signature Blends

The Signature Blends of ours are produced by our tea experts to capitalize on the health advantages of the range of teas plus herbal plants available. Throughout the winter season, a popular tea will be the Immune Booster that is excellent for fighting flu season. Secret Garden is 1 of our biggest selling tea and possesses floral flavors and fruity.

For an complete introduction to tea, be at liberty to drop by the store of ours in Monrovia! We’ve every one of our teas available to find out, smell, and test. We will be much more than pleased to assist you.

In the long run, be adventurous! You may just astonish yourself

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