Eva on Strong Design and a Growing Team

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Eva on Strong Design and a Growing Team

Eva on Strong Design and a Growing Team

After 4 weeks in the new role of her, she’s prepared to watch the department develop to about two times its size.

Nowadays there are eighteen in house designers in Eva’s staff. The majority of them you are going to find in Älmhult, Sweden, one particular designer relies in Delhi, India, as well as 4 inside Shanghai, China. Though the staff will develop much larger.

“Isn’t it fascinating! From the really beginning, IKEA is promising to make a much better everyday routine for the numerous individuals. Nowadays we wish to help make our inexpensive design available to a lot more folks across the world. Which means that we at IKEA want a solid foundation of the development, that’s the reason we’ve shot a strategic choice to buy our design competence and expand the in-house design team of ours. The drive is growing the in house style department with approximately twice the size of its inside a stepwise way over several 2 years,” says Eva.

Eva’s adventure with IKEA started again in 1996 when she, subsequent to dealing with interior design and advertising for fairs and theaters, joined the style department included in a scholarship project, and also among the initial items she created was the BLEKEN bathroom established. Shortly later on, as an independent custom of Stockholm, she started a very long freelance partnership with IKEA.

It’s her really favourite for reasons that are many.

“The PS rug belongs to the start of the journey of mine as being an independent designer for IKEA, and also I like the collaborative portion of the design work.

It’s been work that is hard adjusting to a house one quarter the size.”

What’ve you learned from downsizing a house?

An example is the STOCKHOLM side table of mine. It’s in addition about the little parts that will be psychologically crucial in the everyday life of ours. And naturally art! A few we’ve collected through the years and several created by individuals we know,” affirms Eva.

Switching to a smaller location and truly considering what’s important and also the reason why a house a home, is useful knowledge when designing products.

Yet another example is producing items which are simpler to fix and recycle. For instance, by staying away from combining materials which cannot be easily divided and also sorted for recycling. To Eva, this’s as crucial for design as smart functions and beautiful form.

Sustainability is among the 5 concepts of Democratic Design. Democratic Design is produced by the IKEA perspective that everybody has got the right to a greater daily life, and design that is good is definitely the correct mixture of form, quality, function, sustainability ikea Abu Dhabi

and a reduced price. The product development group needs to get the best balance in the world these factors if the design process starts.

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