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With a hush ambiance, cozy sofas, broad-windowed view, free wifi connection and good music…this is a one-stop destination for your tea needs!


Fruit Tea

Sun dried mixed fruits with premium green tea....a soothing taste for all fruit lovers.


Wild Arabian Tea

Black Tea with fresh mint, orange juice, lemon juice and honey. A perfect way of enjoying the taste of Arabia.


From our Chai Blends

Enjoy a variety of Desi Chais from the North to the South of India.


The famous Cutting Chai

A specialty tea with a tinge of dry ginger...all the way from the road vendors of Mumbai.


Oksoosoo Chai

An age old Korean Corn Tea, hand toasted Corn, boiled with water.


Jasmine Bud Tea

It originates from the time of Song Dynasty (920-1279), flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet.


For all the Coffee lovers...

We've got something for you too!


Hot Chocolate

For all those who crave for chocolates... try our Hot Chocolate made with shaved chocolate bits.


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Coffee Kitchen Decor Ideas

Have you been nuts about caffeine? Do you devote considerable time in the kitchen of yours, firing in place your Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker in excited anticipation of the next delicious cup of yours of joe? When the answer is yes, you’ve undoubtedly invested in several of the great coffee makers and products available from Mr. Coffee, and you certainly own a selection of products that talk to the love of yours of all items java – t shirts, mugs, recipe bath towels as well as jewelry, the guidelines is limitless!

But did you are aware it is also easy to enhance your kitchen space to focus your coffee fandom? Certainly, there are plenty of great means to create a home decor which speaks to the love affair of yours with coffee. Check out several of the greatest ideas for cafe themed kitchen decorations below:

1. Clear Bottles Filled with Coffee Beans
For this simple but effective method of home decor, just procure a choice of clear plastic bottles and fill each with espresso beans. You are able to utilize the plastic bottles for saving coffee beans that you’re planning to use or even simply for decoration. In either case, the look of espresso jars lined up on the kitchen counters of yours are able to add a chic, coffee shop inspired look to the kitchen space. Furthermore , think about adding decorations on the plastic bottles – you can develop labels or even create twine to produce the plastic bottles pop out a lot more.

2. Coffee Colors
In case you’re wanting to finish a far more extensive decor renovation, think about painting the kitchen of yours in styles inspired by the favorite cup of yours of joe. Coffee-infused accents generally take the type of neutral colors or earth tones – think lots of light brown, deep brown, beige and white. These shades are able to incorporate to mirror the frothy cappuccinos or maybe frothy mochas which you live for.

3. Coffee Cups on Display
An alternate way to take that coffee shop sense is keeping the mugs of yours out on display. Think about purchasing several floating shelves to keep a bunch of coffee mugs, or maybe just place them along the kitchen counters of yours or even your multi purpose kitchen island. A good mug holder is able to provide the style collectively within an organized manner.
4. Magazines and books  interior design
Nothing pairs quite too with a flavorful and aromatic cup of espresso than an excellent book or perhaps magazine. All things considered, it is not coincidence that many top book stores boast coffee houses inside. To replicate it literary experience at home, only add books for your present shelves, and perhaps include new book shelves.

5. Coffee Signage
A variety of retailers and online retailers offer other designs and coffee-themed signage which may be an ideal method to teach visitors exactly how much you like an incredibly brewed glass of java. Good examples of excellent signage found online incorporate a clock and have an espresso glass layout, for instance and amusing signs that have taglines such as “This residence operates on like, lots and laughter of effective “Coffee and coffee” keeps me busy until it is appropriate to consume wine.” Simple, comical, hot and welcoming, coffee inspired wall art is a good way to spotlight a caffeine inspired kitchen space.

6. Lots of Greenery
Lots of cafes include plant life into their visual, which assists build an earthy vibe, reflective of organic roots of the favorite coffee beans of ours. Simply no requirement to get a little obsessive, as only a couple of green plants are able to maintain caffeine inspired space be fresh, natural and bright.

7. Chalk Boards
An additional way to capture that neighborhood coffee shop feel is making utilization of a chalk board. Chalkboards are able to hang anywhere and may be available at almost all home goods retailers. The chalk board may be used to celebrate the love of yours of coffee: Consider building a mini menu, for instance, listing several the cappuccino and latte drinks offered out of your Mr.Pump Espresso Maker, or perhaps eat a few quotes out of your favorite books to improve a literary theme.