Your Friendly Neighborhood Tea Joint

Our Services

Diverse Staff

The extensive menu choices reflect Tea Junction’s diverse staff.

Our commitment to delighting its client from various parts of the world.

Excellent Customer Service

What sets us apart is our commitment to the people we serve, which extends beyond the sustainable food trends.


We support and includes socially responsible initiatives that contribute to the growth of the community.



Why Tea Junction

As the only dedicated tea shop inside a 5-block radius of Oud Metha, the Tea Junction offers a vital service to the nearby areas. Sandwiches, Tea, and treats entice all to come for something unique.
In addition, the multiple flavors of tea will provide a novel twist to the most popular drink in the UAE.

“Tea is the #1 drink in the country, surpassing even water. Its roots in history make it a cultural and local icon.”

All of the items are combined with free Wi-Fi for our visitors – as well as being the hotspot for locals and visitors to have a casual lunch, business meal, and an opportunity to work and eat.
Visitors will be able to stop before work for a pick-me-up, or visit for lunch to fill the daily void – or alternatively for dinner as a wonderful meal to end the day perfectly.

We focus on providing good times and good vibes while being easy on the pocket.

Our produce is hand selected and always locally sourced for maximum freshness and a premium quality experience.