Welcome to Tea Junction Cafe!


Our Cozy Interiors

With a hush ambiance, cozy sofas, broad-windowed view, free wifi connection and good music…this is a one-stop destination for your tea needs!


Fruit Tea

Sun dried mixed fruits with premium green tea....a soothing taste for all fruit lovers.


Wild Arabian Tea

Black Tea with fresh mint, orange juice, lemon juice and honey. A perfect way of enjoying the taste of Arabia.


From our Chai Blends

Enjoy a variety of Desi Chais from the North to the South of India.


The famous Cutting Chai

A specialty tea with a tinge of dry ginger...all the way from the road vendors of Mumbai.


Oksoosoo Chai

An age old Korean Corn Tea, hand toasted Corn, boiled with water.


Jasmine Bud Tea

It originates from the time of Song Dynasty (920-1279), flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet.


For all the Coffee lovers...

We've got something for you too!


Hot Chocolate

For all those who crave for chocolates... try our Hot Chocolate made with shaved chocolate bits.


Enjoy a wide array of board games!


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Tea Junction Cafe Dubai


The tea party is a spa for the soul. You leave your cares and work behind. Busy people forget their business. Your stress melts away, your senses awaken. – Alexandra Stoddard

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